Dry-Type Transformers

Industrial control, encapsulated 600-volt class, ventilated 600-volt class, high voltage general purpose dry-type transformers.

Pad-Mounted Switchgear

Pad-Mounted switchgear in live-front, dead-front, live-front/dead-front, primary metering, wall mounted fuses and switches, pad-mounted capacitor banks and unit substation switchgear assemblies.

Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

Three-phase, group-operated, load-interrupter switches with fuses in single and multi-bay assemblies.

Custom Switchgear

Custom switchgear engineered specifically for your application.

Federal Pacific Product Lines


Dry-Type transformers from 0.50 kVA through 10,000 kVA single and three-phase, up to 34.5 kV, 150 kV BIL with UL® approval through 15 kV; Vacuum pressure impregnation and epoxy-shielded transformers. ISO9001:2008 registered.

Pad-Mounted Switchgear

Medium-voltage electrical switchgear including air-insulated live-front, dead-front, SCADA-controlled, automatic transfer, primary metering and wall-mounted switchgear. ISO9001:2008 registered.

Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

Metal-Enclosed load-Interrupter switchgear. Three-phase, group-operated load-interrupter switches with fuses in single and multi-bay assemblies. Manual, automatic source transfer, SCADA control, shunt trip. Also available as Unit Substation Primary Switchgear in combination with dry-type transformers. ISO9001:2008 registered.


Custom-engineered switchgear in pad-mounted, metal-enclosed, portable, mobile and fixed designs for specific applications. ISO9001:2008 registered.