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About Federal Pacific Electric

Federal Pacific, a division of Electro-Mechanical, was established in 1987 after our company purchased and relocated the assets of a dry-type transformer facility from Challenger in Des Plaines, Illinois. As part of the purchase, we also acquired the right to use the name Federal Pacific in connection with our high-quality dry-type transformers and medium-voltage switchgear.

Today, Federal Pacific’s products are sought after and relied on by customers in all 50 states, in Canada and countries throughout Central and South America.

Please note: Federal Pacific is a separate entity from Federal Pacific Electric Company, a now-defunct entity that sold circuit breakers and panel boxes that today, must often be replaced for a variety of reasons.

Federal Pacific does not manufacture, sell or distribute panel boxes, distribution boxes, circuit breakers or related products. Additionally, our transformers and switchgear have never contained asbestos or PCBs.

Certain other companies that purchased assets from Challenger, including the Stab-Lok circuit breaker line and related panel box product lines, have continued to use the Federal Pacific Electric Company name and logo on their product lines. These products are not related to our company in any way, and we do not maintain any related product or contact information.

If you have a question about how our transformers and switchgear can benefit your company, please contact us.