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Type FPEV Transformers for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

These Oil-Free, Dry-Type Transformers Are Clean, Environmentally Friendly And Easy To Select.

Federal Pacific Produces Transformers For Small Scale And Large Scale Charging Stations.
• Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations:
• Low voltage transformers – as small as 2kva.
• Level 3 and Level 4 fast charging stations:
• Low or medium voltage transformers and substations – as large as 5mva.

Federal Pacific EV Charging Transformers Are Designed For Tough Electrical EV Charger Loads.
Typical needs are:
• Oversized neutrals and high K-factor – required to prevent overheating due to inherently high load harmonic distortion.
• Shielding – required to protect other equipment from voltage transients and high frequency noise.
• Special windings as necessary to cancel harmonics – mixing secondary winding types on site can greatly reduce harmonic noise.