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Federal Pacific Switchgear Product Catalog

The Federal Pacific Switchgear Catalog can be viewed or downloaded in individual product sections, as a single PDF document, as a PDF Portfolio document or as indivdual pages.

Individual Sections

As a Single PDF Document (37 mb file size)

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As Individual Catalog Pages

Individual JPEG-format pages from the Federal Pacific Switchgear Catalog can be downloaded by clicking on the page number below. These page numbers correspond to the page numbers of the printed catalog. JPEG-format images can be inserted in Word, Powerpoint and most other document types.

Product Profiles

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Manual LiveFront Pad-Mounted Switchgear

Manual Live-Front 6-Compartment Pad-Mounted Switchgear

Manual DeadFront Pad-Mounted Switchgear

Manual DeadFront 6-Compartment Pad-Mounted Switchgear

SCADA Controlled LiveFront-DeadFront Pad-Mounted Switchgear

Automatic Transfer LiveFront DeadFront Pad-Mounted Switchgear

DeadFront Vacuum Interrupter Pad-Mounted Switchgear

LiveFront DeadFront Pad-Mount Switchgear

Fused Sectionalizer Pad-Mount Switchgear

Primary Metering Pad-Mounted Switchgear

Pad-Mounted Capicitor Banks

Wall Mounted Fuse Cabinets

Manual Metal Enclosed Switchgear

Automatic Metal Enclosed Switchgear

Unit Substations

Outdoor Substations

Reclosing Vacuum Fault Interrupter

Circuit Interruption Techniques

Auto-jet & Auto-jet II Switches

Motor Operators

Non-Loadbreak & Auto-jet Loadbreak Fuse Mountings

Epoxy Insulators and Bushings